For your organization, is information technology really delivering on its promise of greater productivity, cost savings and competitiveness?

Pettit Inc. has created a strategic suite of performance applications, user support and hosting services that will help you make the most of Internet technology.



Why It Works

User support and diagnostics
Without end user adoption, ROI doesn’t exist. Our diagnostic tools and specialized help center facilitate the successful adoption of performance-centric software.

Implementation services
We help our clients create an implementation process that allows you to embrace software, along with the Internet, and use both effectively.

Software application development
Many of the applications needed to create and support a performance culture are not readily available. However, Pettit Inc. develops these essential software applications for you.

Performance Portal and SharePoint
Your stakeholders need a single source of resources and tools for creating and sustaining a performance culture. We call this a Performance Portal. Our web specialists help you create this type of portal on your own servers, or on ours.