Why choose Pettit Inc?

As strategic business development specialists our passion is to help companies generate and keep customers. Our approach is powerful and effective because we provide:

  • an integrated suite of services in marketing, sales, human performance, business practices and IT support
  • helping you leverage all the key components involved in the business development and retention process
  • creating a culture of performance, driven by the company’s internal resources.

How can an external force like Pettit Inc. have such a significant internal impact?

Twenty-five years of experience has taught us the value of third-party objectivity and all about ‘leverage’. If we can help you leverage each aspect of marketing, sales, training, business practice and IT personnel, your company can begin to move from strength to strength.

Rich opportunities to nurture customer relationships – and build new ones – can come from unexpected places in your organization. Our skill is in finding and amplifying those pockets of potential and using them to elevate the skills of your people and the fortunes of your company.

We win when your people learn how to leverage their skills and capabilities for optimal effectiveness.