Creating strategic business growth.

If lasting performance improvement is your goal, we can help!

Great things happen when a company casts off the gravitational pull of old cultures and habits, and opens itself to the possibilities of systemic change – especially when the change relates to generating strategic business growth.

Just as a doctor begins by listening to a patient’s heart, Pettit Inc. goes to the heart of your company’s culture, to create business performance improvements that are dramatic, enterprise-wide, and most important of all, lasting. It’s here where we can best help you create and retain the kind of customer relationships that are the lifeblood of your business.

The clients that benefit most from the Pettit Inc. method are the ones who are eager to find the core of their potential. Our approach, proven over the past 25 years, generates truly meaningful results for the right companies. We hope we can earn the privilege to help you discover your performance culture, and a whole new level of corporate success.

Barry Pettit, President